Healthy payasam with oats and carrot within 10 mins

Ingredients Milk-500 ml Pre-cooked oats – 4 tbspCarrot(grated)- 3 tbspSugar-3 tbspCondensed milk – 3 tbspSalt-A pinchCardamom(Elakka) -3 -5 nos(powdered) Procedure 1)Bring the milk to boil fully 2) Add the grated carrot and cook for 5mins. 3) Add salt, sugar and oats and stir for 30seconds, before switching off the flame. 4) Add the condensed milk […]


Ada Pradhaman

Ingredients Short grain rice(Unakkalari)250 gmJaggery- /50 gmGhee-200 gmCoconut oil- 50 gmCardamom(Elakka)-10 gmCoconut-3 nosPlantain leaves(Vazha ela)-8 piecesCashewnuts 50 gmRaisins(Onakkamunthiri)- 25 gm Procedure 1) Soak unakkalari in water for 30 mins.Later, strain it. 2)When it becomes dry, grind it toa veryfine powder. Make sure you don’t have any lumps inthe powder. 3)Place the plantain leaves directly onthe […]


Coconut Chutney (Thengai Thigayal)

Ingredients Red gram (Thuvaraparippu)- 1/2 cupCoconut- 1 cupBengal gram(Kadalaparippu) -1/4 cupBlack gram (Uzhunnuparippu)- 1/4 cupTamarind(Puli) – A small lemon sized ballAsafoetida(Kaayam) – A pinchDried red chillies – 5-6 nos or as reqdSalt 1 tspOil-2 tsp Procedure 1)Dry roast red gram, chana dhal, blackgram, red chillies and asoefetida incooking oil. 2)Grind this mixture with water into […]


Chutney served with rice or tiffins

ingredients Cabbage-250 gmTamarind(Pulil)- A lemon sized oneRed chillies -3 nosGreen chillies -3 nosGinger-1 piecechopped)Garlic pods-4 nosTurmeric powder- 1 pinchCoriander-3 spoonAsafoetida(Kayam)Salt-As reqd For seasoningMustard seeds – 1 spoonBlack gram(Uzhunnuparippu)-1 spoonCurry leaves -10 nos Procedure 1)Heat some oil in a pan. 2) Add the cut cabbage pieces and fry for3 mins 3) Add ginger, garlic, green and […]

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