Almonds(Badam) Mukki Porichathu

Almonds(Badam) Mukki Porichathu

Almonds are dipped in a mixture and fried in oil


Almonds(Badam) – 1/2 cup egg-1 semolina(Rava) – 1/2 cup all-purpose flour(Maida)- 1 tbsp sugar-2 tbsp baking powder – A pinchOil-As reqd
Salt-As reqd


1)For preparing almonds (badam) mukkiporichathu, soak badam in water for 10minutes. Peel and slice it into 2.
2)In a bowl add in egg, rava, maida, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Make a mixture and add little water if required.
3)Dip the badam slices in the above mixture and fry it in hot oil.
4) Almonds (badam) mukki porichath is ready.

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