Amaretti Chocolate Cake

Amaretti Chocolate Cake


Amaretti biscuits – 350 gm
Dark chocolate – 175 gm
(70-75 percent cocoa solids)
Double cream – 425 ml

Brandy-7 tbsp
Cocoa powder to dust over the cake

You will also need a 1.2 liter pudding
basin, lightly greased with any flavorless Oil


1) Break up the chocolate into a heat
proof bowl.

2)Pour in the double cream.

3)Put the bowl over a pan of barely
simmering water and leave, until the
chocolate has melted

4)Take the bowl off the heat and with an
electric hand mixer, whisk the mixture,
until you have a cold creamy mixture.

5) Pour the brandy into a shallow dish.

6)Dip the biscuits, one at a time, first into
the liquor, then into the chocolate cream
and arrange a layer of biscuits in the
base of the pudding basin.

7) Spreada layer of the chocolate mixture
Over the first layer of biscuits.

8)Repeat the whole process, until you
have 4 layers.

9) Place a saucer (one that fits inside
the rim of the pudding basin) on top of
the mixture, put some weight on top and
leave in the fridge over night.

10)Before serving, dip the basin in hot
water fora few seconds and turn the
pudding out on to a flat serving plate.

11)Put the cake back into the fridge for
15 mins to allow the outside to get firm

12) Finally, dust with cocoa powder.

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